Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tap Faucet

This is a interesting concept, even though it doesn't serve much purposes. It's just a tap with water follows your hands wherever you move. It's a good experiment but not good enough to be published to the publics.

Draw It

I'm not sure whether it exist, but it's a very good presentation and believing. Anyway, i like this concept alot, what happen is that you can control the lamp by drawuing timeline on the device, like how he demonstrate, when the line stop it stop lighting up and when u hit the timeline where it commands the light to not light up then it won't like up. It's a pretty smart device that can control electronics like lights, and if this actually can work i believe it can work on any device like fan.

I like this concept because it uses human's intelligence to control the device, and imagine all our switch in our house can be controlled by just one device, wouldn't that be great? And you no need to have too many switch in your house and worry about short - circuit.

Yahoo! Exercise


Part I - Preparing and conducting an Interview
1. Identify Objectives of your study

The objective of this interview is to improve on the existing problems users faced when using Yahoo! site.

2. Select the type of Interview (Unstructured, Structured and Semi-structured)


3. Write the Questions for your Interview

1. How often do you use it? ________
2. How much time u spend on yahoo? ________
3. What do you think of the search engine, is it easy to search ? Y/N
4. Are you happy with the current functions they are providing? Y/N
5. Which sections can be improved? _________
6. Do you think they should add more functions? if so, what? ________

4. Conduct your interview with a “potential” user

Jackson Tan
Student from NYP Business

1. once per 3 months(I use Google for search engine)
2. 2 minutes
3. I don't like it when they store the history of the search
4. No
5. Remove the history of search section, and have more flash games.
6. No, just need to improve the current site.

5. Note down your findings

Google seems to be a better search engine than Yahoo, but Yahoo provides more services. It depends on the user, what he or she use it for.

Part II – Preparing a Survey
1. Identify Objectives of your study

Objective of the survey is to improve further on the existing website.

2. Select a response format (close-ended or open-ended questions)


3. Write the Questions for your Survey

1. Do you have a yahoo account?
2. Do you use yahoo ?
3. What do you use yahoo for?
4. What other functions that yahoo provide interests you?
5. Is the interface easy to understand?
6. Which function do you use the most?

4. Select your Distribution Method and say why?

Online survey, since Yahoo is a website, so mojority of the users are internet savvy. It is also more convenient for them so we can get more responses.

5. Design your survey form (Sketch out if your are doing a Web Survey)

Please circle your choices.

1. Do you have a yahoo account? Y/N

2. Do you use yahoo ? Y/N

3. What do you use yahoo for?
Use the search engine/ Read the news/ Check mail / Others (Please Specify) ________

4. What other functions that yahoo provide interests you?
Facebook, Flickr, Friendster / Messenger / Others (Please Specify) ________

5. Is the interface easy to understand? Y/N

6. Which function do you use the most?
Mail/ Search Engine / Others (Please Specify) _______

Part III – Survey Analysis
1. For each of the following datasets, calculate the median, mean and standard
deviation of the mean:

a. 2, 2, 2, 2

Median: 2
Mean: 2
Standard Deviation: 0

b. 0.67, 1.03, -0.38, -0.75, 0.79, -0.13, 1.57, -1.78, -0.58, -1.43

Median: -0.255
Standard Deviation: √10.77429 = 3.282421

c. 4.7, 11, 0.42, 0.18, 6.2, 0.74, 38, 0.016, 0.26, 0.037

Median: 6.155
Mean: 0.58
Standard Deviation: √124.748 = 11.169

Car Park 2.0

We are also planning on adding features to our idea, at first we decided on allowing the users to play a game, by taking a pamphlet containing a riddle to where they parked their car. For example, what is big, strong, is a cat and lives in Africa?

The answer would be Lion. ( the answer would be behind the pamphlet for those who do not wish to solve the riddle) However we realised this could be dangerous as kids might run around trying to solve the riddle.

We came up with other ideas such as using a stamp to allow the users to stamp the icon and information of where they parked (in invisible ink) on their hands. They would then shine the stamp under light to see the icon and information. This would be interesting and new for the users. They also would not have to carry around a pamphlet nor write on anything to help them to remember.

Car Park 2.0

Final Sketch - Details and Rationale of Concept

Car park 2.0
After doing research, we found out the main problems people face in car parks are finding parking lots, as well as finding their cars. Our concept is built to tackle these problems in a creative and fun way. We chose a car park, Suntec City Mall’s car park to improve. What we wanted to do was to create a solution that was interesting, fun and easy to understand.

We came up with this solution, to divide the car park into sections (continents), and then further divide the sections by the use of animals, animals that are distinctive with the continent they live on.

This way, the user would be able to remember which continent they parked at, to know which general direction to head, and even more specifically to the distinctive animal of that continent. This would better enable them to remember where they parked their car.

It could also be fun and educational for children as they would be able to learn which animal comes from which continent, it could be a fun activity for the whole family.

This is what a section might look like, this is the continent of Africa, and it is separated into the Rhino, Lion and Gazelle sections.

On each pillar the animals will face in the direction of the lift lobby to indicate where it is.

This is to better enable the user to find the nearest lift lobby.

The parking lots will also be numbered in an easier way to remember, for example, the lion section would be labelled L, for lion. The pillars will indicate the continent, animal, as well as the parking lot numbers in that area.

This would allow the user to remember the parking lot number as well as find it a lot easier as it would not just be a bunch of numbers, but something that makes sense.

On the walls there will also be indications as to where the next section is, for example the lion is chasing the llama, indicating which direction to head if you wanted to find the South America section.

This would make it an easy yet fun and interesting way for the user to find out which section is where.

Car Park 2.0

Rough ideas

Different sections have different themes, or the whole car park is one big recognizable theme, For instance, ‘The Universe’. Hence they remember which ‘planet’ they parked at.

- To help the user to remember where they parked at.

There are lights to indicate where there are empty parking lots, and the lights are different (e.g. color) in every section.

- To let the user know which part of the car park they are parking at and to help them remember the general area where they parked.

When the car park slot is occupied, these lights will go off.

- The user will be able to gauge which part of the car park has more lots, and in which general direction to head, as that area will be brighter.

There will be a glow when the user presses the remote key.

- When the user is trying to find their car, they press the remote key and the car makes a sound, when this happens, a sound sensor will activate lights where their car is parked, which will produce a glow. This would make it easier for the user to find his/her car.

Car Park 2.0


· Allow users to find their cars and parking lots easily.

· Facilitate the easier use of car park.


· Coming up with a creative solution for the problems of a car park.

· Search for the problems of car parks and improve the situation

Initial Ideas (Sketches)

The Magic Pole turns on when the parking lot is vacant, light shines and flickers when the lot is available. When a car is parked there and the lot is occupied, it stops shining.

The ambience or mood and lighting of the car park changes according to the amount of lots available. Also the atmosphere of the different sections of the car park are different so it is easier for the user to remember where they parked.